Manual migration from on-prem to SPOnline

 Here is a note for those who want to accomplish MANUAL migration from on-prem to SharePoint Online.

First of all, why would you even choose manual migration? I guess, the answer is obvious - you don't want to spend money on the 3rd party tools for migration.

Here is a post just for you. It gives you some idea how manual migration looks like and when it's appropriate:
 SharePoint Online migration: Manual migration. Why, How?

The most annoying issue with manual migration to SharePoint Online is Managed Metadata issues

After figuring out that manual migration is a lots of dull labor, you might wonder to consider to buy some tools for that matter.
Here are my thoughts on the current leading 3rd party tools for migration

Good luck with choosing your path!

By the way, once you in SharePoint Online,

Here are some Aha moments:

SharePoint Online and PowerShell: How to Get-Spweb?

SharePoint Online: Aha moments! How to get a log?

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