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Friday, February 26, 2010

Get the list view web part convertable

Yesterday was trying to figure out how can I grab the customized view which is in use in view web part on the Prod and put it as

The solution came up unexpectedly - open the site with SPD - right click on the list view web part view - > Convert into XSLT Data View

Just heads up to those of you who have a strong desire to import unimportable web parts ( for example - the mentioned above list view webpart). You can do it through a following trick:

1. Open sniffer ( I was using HTTP Analyzer) - run WSS site - import the importable web part
2. Grab a sniffed the request string. It's going to be like this:

3. The only thing that you need to replace the GUID - you have to fetch the ID in the code in default.aspx (in this example)
View Source - find by name and find WebPartID for that name - looks like "WebPartWPQ"#number"")

4. Replace id in the link above with found one in the

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