Wednesday, October 9, 2013

SharePoint Online manual migration: Managed Metadata issues

I have just finished SharePoint Online manual migration. And this post is all about migration Term Store and the managed metadata columns.

So, you have got a term set on-prem.

How do you migrate the term set to SharePoint Online? 

In case of migration to SharePoint Online manually, the only option you left with - is Import CSV file of term set to the destination - SPOnline.

The provided PowerShell script exports the term site into CSV file on-prem in order to import it in SharePoint Online.

The pitfall of importing CSV file , you can't specify child-parent relationship between term sets.

Another issue that I have discovered that there is no way to copy over Keywords, since it's a system term set. So, in case you need them from on-prem either you should re-type them manually or (much better option) a buy a 3rd party tool for SharePoint migration.

And finally, the BIG ISSUE of manual migration of managed metadata:

Imported terms will get a different GUID than terms on-prem. That means, every list that has managed metadata  after migration should be updated manually with valid imported term.

To sum up, if you have used Taxonomy, Folksonomy extensively in your on-prem, the best approach to migrate is to use 3rd party tools for SharePoint migration

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