Thursday, September 13, 2012

SharePoint sandboxed solutions are deprecated in SharePoint 2013

Yesterday, a new SharePoint developer was frustrated with limitations in Sandbox solution that he has to develop for SharePoint Online, which at this moment (September 2012) is on SharePoint 2010.

He send me an email with a link to Apps for SharePoint compared with SharePoint solutions and a glorious title SharePoint sandboxed solutions are deprecated in SharePoint 2013 Preview

It's totally understandable when you are trying  to find a way to get rid of , as I call it,  SharePoint development madness.
Let me explain myself. For me, SharePoint development madness feels like an internal feeling of frustration and hopelessness. It is rooted in deep sense of overwhelming.
You as a new SharePoint developer is constantly have an  impression that you have to know a lot beforehand in order to write a first line of code for SharePoint.
And I were there... not a nice place. SharePoint community calls it -a steep learning curve...
I have posted recently a quick note on where to start in SharePoint development for a newbie. It might help initially to catch some fundamentals.

If your case is that you have to develop something in sandbox for SharePoint 2010, but you have already heard a lot about SharePoint 2013 new development Apps you almost certainly feel left behind.

You feel cheated since MSDN says that Sandboxed solutions are deprecated in SP2013 Preview? Be hold!

Here is me perspective on this emotional issue:

As it says in Apps for SharePoint compared with SharePoint solutions  SharePoint sandboxed solutions are deprecated in SharePoint 2013 Preview in favor of developing apps for SharePoint, but sandboxed solutions can still be installed to site collections on SharePoint 2013 Preview. 

My impression that MS believes that APP can replace all functionality that is possible to implement in sandbox solution. But at the same  time, we don’t know what’s going to be a new hit in the version after SP2013.

MS doesn’t announce the release date for Sp2013. Some rumors say it might launch 1Q of 2013.

If you feel uncomfortable to develop server side code in Sandbox solution, the only option I can see is Client-Side development: Client-Side Access and Remote Access

I believe you can develop client-side logic (javascript) and deploy it via Sandbox solution.

To summarize, we have to stick with sandbox since we don’t have any other option at this moment. But you still have a freedom to choose how you will implement the logic (server side\client side).
Once we are over the hill and with SP2013, I would glad to see you moving logic out of the sandbox to APP if this is appropriate.

Business doesn't jump fast to a new version. I predict that we will have more clients with SP2010 in the next few years rather than with SP2013.

For more information on SandBox vs APPs in 2013:


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  2. Hey that was really needful. Thanks for sharing. I'll surely be looking for more.

  3. Author talks about how two version old issues which is force to suffer by developers earlier is addressed with new version of SharePoint 2013 platform by putting some necessary changes by Microsoft.