Monday, October 7, 2013

SharePoint Online migration: a quick analysis of 3rd party tools for migration

Recently I have finished manual migration to SharePoint Online. 

And this a quick post is my first glance analysis of leading 3rd party tools for migration:
Note: I am not affiliated to any 3rd party SharePoint migration tools. This analysis done in order to choose (if necessary) tools for my migrations projects.

1. Quest Migration Suite for SharePoint - Quest’s Migration Suite for SharePoint is the complete solution for simplifying SharePoint migrations whether to SharePoint on-premises or SharePoint Online. It virtually eliminates the risks of downtime and data loss. With a single, agentless tool requiring just one install, you can seamlessly move your entire SharePoint environment, as well as Microsoft Exchange Public Folders, and Windows files, to on-premises versions of SharePoint, SharePoint Online, or a hybrid of the two. And if you decide to wait to migrate to SharePoint Online down the road, you’ll already have a tool in place to proceed immediately.

   I used the trial version to trim the content before the actual migration. 

Pro:  I liked the easy installation and easy manipulation with SP objects. I have used extensively In-place tagging. I love that they offer a trial version with full functionality. The only limit is the expiration date. 

Cons: UI is ugly. 

 Price: Unknown.

   I haven't tried it, but I have seen a live demonstration and got a chance to ask questions.

Pro:  The product has a feature of comparison of the objects and manipulation (Incrementation update\migrate capabilities)
It seems that it is more robust than Quest.
I like that they have online version ( for SPOnline farms) of their product for control and governance - ControlPoint.

Cons: I haven't got a price sheet after presentation. The whole deal with hiding price is a big annoyance.

 Price: Unknown.

    I haven't tried it, but I have seen a live demonstration and got a change to ask questions.

 Pro: A BIG BIG PRO - THE TRUST. AvePoint VP - Jeremy Thake. He is a well known expert in SharePoint world and has  lots of intelligent and hot topic articles on SharePoint. Because of his involvement in the product I feel a huge inclination to trust these guys.
Prices are not hidden.

Cons: The concept of DocAve 6 Platform is complicated in my opinion. I couldn't figured out which product do I need for migration until I have seen a live presentation.

Price: Content Manager - 995 per SP server (web-front, app server)


  1. Sharegate is also a good migration tool to SharePoint online that you could try and review. They offer a 15-day free migration to let you evaluate it or there's also a free walkthrough webinar every Thursday that gives you a lot of details about the product. I think the best way to find your tool is to evaluate as many possibilities as you can. Good luck with your online migration tough ;)

    1. Natasha, yes, you are right, I have just discovered them few days back, but at that point the migration was over.