Monday, May 19, 2014

@SPC_ORG SP2013 Search by @bniaulin

Continuous crawl:
 - only works on SP Content sources;
 - by default every 15 min;

Use continuous crawl diligently, only on the content source that they need it.

NO XSLT, use html, css, js

SP2013 SP1 has ability to turn the Optimistic overwrite for title - MetadataExtractorTitle

2 web parts for Search:
SearchResult web part - you have to have a custom display template
Content Search web part - you can re-map the properties

2 types of templates:
1. Control (a container for item display template)
2. Item Display

! Don't touch automatically created js file out from content template

Result types helps to vary item templates based on the rule (conditions)


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