Thursday, May 22, 2014

@project Confusing UI in #Project2013 Assignments scenario

TaskDetails.aspx -  This Web part was unable to load.
The user :
1. Creates a task from tasks.aspx

2. Just a minute or couple later he refreshes TaskDetails.aspx and see the error

 3. The user goes back to Tasks.aspx and doesn't see the task that he just created.

Most of the time that is the hint that task or assignment were removed.

It's worth to mention that in the context of Project Server:
The task is ,simply, a task.
The assignment is a task that assigned to a resource.

In this specific scenario, I have checked the project and I saw the task still exists.So, my theory that the task\assignment was removed is not true in this specific scenario.

Important: The resource name is the same user who has just created a task and now he can't see that task in the tasks list.
That's weird.
As it turned out that is the confusing UI in Project Server.

Even though the resource name in the project page (Project%20Detail%20Pages/Schedule.aspx)  is the user who created a task , the assignment has been assigned to a different user.

The reason: The default assignment owner is not the resource himself

To fix it:
Set the resource's name is specified in the Default Assignment Owner field

My suggestion to MS: Please set in Project%20Detail%20Pages/Schedule.aspx in the column Resource - the Assignee, not a task creator
Additional reference:
Team Members cannot see their assigned tasks on the Timesheet page or Task page in PWA