Monday, April 21, 2014

#SP24 : Search strategy

Jeff Fried presented #SP24S034 the successful Search Strategy. People first.

Key other takeaways:

The common traps in search architecture

Trap #1. "Trying to build a google"

It's a wrong goal because:
 - Google has a huge support to keep it running
 - Google goal is different than enterprise goal of the company. 
The enterprise search goal is business process centric.

Trap #2. "One Search Center for everything"
Search should be business process specific
Ex. Online shopping, dinner, apartment rent

Trap #3. "Stand up OOB search and walk away"
Search needs maintenance

Trap #4. "The technology first"
Even though indexes are crucial for search, need to remember that people create meaning out of the indexes.
So we need to know people first - what and how they search

Jeff introduced a concept of Information Strategy that ties together:
 - Information Governance;
 - Information Architecture;
 - Information Security;
 - Information Intelligence.

Meantime, the Search Strategy is a 3 part interdependent system:

And here are the keys of the success in Search Strategy:

Context – users need to find different info depending on their role, needs, tasks.
Hence the notion of having one place to find everything is not efficient.

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