Monday, April 21, 2014

#SP24 : Mobile Strategy by Joel Oleson. Go responsive!

+Joel Oleson in #SP24S112 talked about Mobile strategy and design. Go mobile, social and cloud!
82% online population engages in social networking,
50% on enterprise customers are "on the road" to cloud.

People spend more time on mobile apps (89%) than on mobile web (11%)

Most Weekday Tablet usage is between 8PM and 9PM
Few slide to illustrate the point:

 The leading sales in the smartphone market is Android

And here is a reality check in SharePoint 2013
 92% companies don't support Mobile Access to SharePoint
In SharePoint 2013 you have a contemporary view for HTML5 aware devices. Joel insists that we need to more than contemporary view.

Side note: Project Server web access doesn't support contemporary view. Publishing sites are not suitable for this type of view. The contemporary view main intend is to show the folders and files, not a publishing pages and business process applications.

O365 mobile apps:

Joel' key takeaways and considerations:

  • SP 2013 Native Mobile browsing has improved for all mobile platform;
  • New SP Mobile Apps can make accessing social +people+document easier
  • Consider 3d party mobile apps to fill gaps like Offline Sync, Search, Security and Mobile Device App mgmt
  • Plan for Mobile Intranets: Seriously consider Industry Best Practices of Responsive Web design


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