Friday, April 18, 2014

#SP24 : SPOnline public site branding issues

@gusfrases presented #SP24S067 Office 365 Public Websites The Good The Bad 
the Ugly #SP24 Online conference. The ugliest part was the most attractive one.

In that part he showed the challenges and issues around branding of a SPOnline public facing site.

Here are the most prominent challenges and issues:

No customizable device channels

Anonymous users issues

Sandbox solution
JSlink (and yes, you can do a multiple JSLinks ListView Web Part issues with JSLink and Display Templates – A solution?)
  • No cache

Not a real workaround for cache issue:
 CDN for jQuery
 Client -side options for caching
 Lazy load;
 Content optimization

>> Takeaway>> NO for a Search-driven application on SPOnline public anonymous sites

Site management issue

No UI for Site columns, content types, search schema and creation of the subsite
Some default site templates are not available

Some features are accessible through direct links, some via SPD.

User Code Service not reliable in O365
Instead of Sandbox solution, consider JSLink when possible

>>Takeaway>> Why and why not to use SPonline for public facing sites?

*Search = OOTB Search

Blog by Gus Frases
SPOnline Public Site with search which is possible built by Gus Frases

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