Wednesday, January 25, 2012

sharepoint 2007 search writes wrong IP in host file

Wondering why host file has wrong IPs for SSP or your portal?
And you can clearly see that these records made by Search service.
 #Added by Office SharePoint Server Search

I found a wonderful post about it : Configure a dedicated front-end Web server for crawling (Office SharePoint Server 2007)

"When you use the Configure Office SharePoint Server Search Service Settings page in Central Administration to select a dedicated front-end Web server for crawling the SharePoint timer service writes the entries to the Hosts file"

The host file may have wrong IPs written by search service in the following cases:
  • The server that you specified as your dedicated front-end Web server for crawling has multiple IP addresses assigned to one or more network cards.
  • Your server farm is using network load balancing.
To quickly fix it:
 1.  Go to Central Administration /_admin/Server.aspx, click on "Office SharePoint Server Search".
Select "Use all web fronts end computers for crawling"
 2. Change IPs in the host file.

After this fix, search service will not overwrite host file.