Wednesday, May 4, 2011

MySiteCleanup: Unable to delete user profile Logon failure

"MySiteCleanup: Unable to delete user profile  Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password."

Yeap, I have got this error... Have you gotten to?

Here is a fix that helped me:
1. Go to you shared services site to the page: /admin/_layouts/ProfMain.aspx
2.  "View import connections"
3.  Take look at each of the import connection. There is a great chance that some of them uses the account that doesn't have access to the source anymore.
4. Change the account\password
5. Run the full import

Now job  "My Site Cleanup Job" should run successfully.

If not, you have a different case then! I would love to hear from you - if you indeed have a different cause.

P.S. A workaround for those who are lazy\busy - disable the "My Site Cleanup Job":
{Central Administration site}/_admin/ServiceJobDefinitions.aspx . But be mindful - disabling this job you will lose some functionality that is important in a huge portal.

Additional reading: How it works: MOSS 2007 automatic user profile removal