Tuesday, June 19, 2012

HTML5/jQuery Webinar Week: HTML5&jQuery - the Fundamentals. HTML5 Cheat Sheet

Infragistics organized HTML5/jQuery Webinar Week on 06/19-06/21.

Here are quick notes on the June 19, 2012 - Getting Started with HTML5 / jQuery webinar.
It's been announced that all demo materials are posted on jQuery & HTML5 Fundamentals Webinar Followup

What's HTML5 anyway?

HTML5 is "to be standard-based" and plug-in free web experience:
- html tags;
- JavaScript API's
- CSS (CSS3)

HTML5 should be standardized , but still it's in a draft version in W3C

So that means, Not every HTML5 tag is supported by every browser.

The standardization of HTML5 is driven by Microsoft, Apple, Google, which is a really good sign to make it a widespread technology.

 - Adobe Flash;
 - Microsoft Silverlight


Generic tags replaced with semantic tags

<object> = <video>
<div> = <footer>
<span> = <nav>

HTML5 Cheat Sheet tags is a great info  to have when you are coding in HTML5.
You want to escape old tags of old HTML, since they are depreciated.
HTML5 Cheat Sheet - Tags HTML5 Cheat Sheet - Event Handler Attributes HTML5 Cheat Sheet - Browser Support
HTML5 Cheat Sheet By InMotion Hosting - A Dedicated Server Provider

HTML5 Canvas Cheat Sheet

It's claimed that HTML5 is SEO friendly.
Here is a good attitude toward this claim in Is HTML5 Good for SEO?

Syntax of HTML5 controls visual attribute of the elements, has a syntax of animation similar to Silverlight

A few Javascript enhancement in HTML5:
 - Geo location
 -  Local storage - like isolated storage in .Net

jQuery - an open source js library,
VS suppports jQuery intellisense. VS2010\2012 shipped jQuery by default.

jQuery libraries: UI, Core and Mobile

jQuery can :
-call WebServices;
- work with oData

UI jQuery library can be downloaded with specific theme via ThemeRoller on jqueryui.com

One of the basics in the jQuery - use of selectors ("$").
You can select element by:
 - controlid  - $("controlid");
-  element type and if necessary select the specific id in those preselected elements - $("element"#"id")

And as a last note on  new element <video> :
<source 1>
<source 2>
Since not all codecs are supported by every browser , you can specify multiple elements of <source> to cover major browsers. It will check the right encoded video for the specific browser.

HTML5, here I come!

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