Wednesday, June 20, 2012

HTML5/jQuery Webinar Week: Getting Data into Your HTML5 & jQuery Apps with the igDataSource Control

Infragistics organized HTML5/jQuery Webinar Week on 06/19-06/21.

Here are quick notes on the June 20, 2012 - Getting Data into Your HTML5 & jQuery Apps with the igDataSource Control (Intermediate  level)
All demo materials are posted on Webinar Followup: Working with Data in jQuery & HTML with igDataSource

Today's webinar was totally focused on Infragistics controls:
 - igDataSource;
 - igGrid 
 - igChart;
 - igLoader

These controls,a jQuery component, a simplify data access and management.

igDataSouce can work with:

On the Server side : Data (web services), REST GET, WCF REST (JSON&XML), JSONP Service, any Rest Service

On the Client side : binding with:JSON, XML, JavaScrip Object Arrays,Strings of XML or JSON,
JavaScript functions returning data in any of the formats above
 - Existing HTML structures (such as a HTML table filled with data)
-  Mashup scenarios

Supported features:
Local and remote data Paging
Data schema support: translate data from many
sources into a consistent format
multitouch, can be used in the tablet development;


Minifies the amount of the jscript to load.
You can load only that you need.
If you are interested to try the product, go to
and download:
NetAdvantage Reporting 2012 Vol. 1 Product And Samples