Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sync in app web not possible?

 referenced me (didn't help) to Sync button for Document Library created with custom list definition in order to resolve the issue I am having.
Here is an issue:

I need to have a library in SharePoint-hosted app that can be synced via OneDrive Sync Tool in SpOnline.
as of 4/29/2014, I can't make it happen:

The sharepoint-hosted app has a library. Once deployed (SPOnline), I see the instance. 
The sync button is disabled on the doc panel...
I have checked the  Sync button for Document Library created with custom list definition and did as prescribed, but the issue remains. 
Here what I did as the article said:
1. Checked the feature id that delivers the list and list instance:

 2. Modified element.xml:

in the list template:
  • changed the type to 101;
  • added FeatureId="7ea48d05-ba84-4553-b5ab-0d02118c86f4";
  • changed DocumentTemplate to "10000".
in the list instance template:
  • changed the type to 101;
  • added FeatureId="7ea48d05-ba84-4553-b5ab-0d02118c86f4".

 After that, re-deployed to SharePoint Online:
The sync button is still disabled
If somebody knows solution, please help me out!

The same wsp from App deployed as a sandboxed solution on the same site collection does allow me to sync docs from the lib

And here is almost official response: NO, APP WEB LIB WON'T SYNC