Monday, October 7, 2013

Project Server 2013: <%$Resources:PWA,ADMIN_ADDMODIFYUSER_BROWSE%>

After migration to Project Server 2013, I have noticed several bugs that already have been confirmed by Microsoft , but as of October 2013 haven't been resolved yet.

One of them is following:

When on the Approval page, the timesheet is selected, and click Accept.
The Confirm Approval pop up instead of button "browse" has label <% <%$Resources:PWA,ADMIN_ADDMODIFYUSER_BROWSE%>>.

Here is a response from Microsoft:

·         When selecting a different timesheet manager from approval center, instead of "Browse" on the button you are seeing a label with "<% <%$Resources:PWA,ADMIN_ADDMODIFYUSER_BROWSE%>>".
·         But still you will be able to browse and select a different timesheet manager.
·         But the label name part is broken and issue is reproducible with latest CU also.
·         I have filed an internal bug for this case and closing case as bug so that you will not be charged.