Wednesday, March 6, 2013

SharePoint 2010 to 2013 Upgrade: How to migrate SP2010 to SP2013. List of useful articles

I have just started to prepare for full-blown migration to SP2013.

From simple to complicated scenarios and thoughts:
 Simple one:
Step-by-step instruction on SP upgrade:

What if you need to upgrade SP2007 to 2013?
You have to upgrade SP2007 to SP2010 first then.

Here is my findings so far:
 1. In SharePoint Server 2013, the In-place Upgrade approach is now unavailable for upgrading from prior versions of SharePoint products.
 But instead, you will get a set of "yummies" like:
  • Deferred Site Collection Upgrade
  • Site Collection Health Checks
  • Evaluation Site Collections
SharePoint Server 2013 focuses on improving your upgrade options while providing support for the upgrade approach designed to be the most resilient: the Database Attach approach.

 2. SP2010 farm solution will run on SP2013.
But in case you want them make better, read on:
Upgrading a custom application to SharePoint 2013

 3. You can upgrade site collection by site collection:
Get-SPSite -ContentDatabase WSS_Content -Limit All | Upgrade-SPSite –VersionUpgrade
 4. A content database upgraded to SharePoint 2013 is capable of supporting both backward compatible SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013 mode site collections

More on this:

Want to get a deep understanding of the Upgrade?

A good slide from one of the modules above on "how to proceed with upgrade to SP2013":

Craving for complication? and you want to deploy your farm solution in 14 and 15 mode?:
Read this:

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