Friday, June 22, 2012

SharePoint: SharePoint 2007 Administration and PowerShell 2.0

Last months my work with SharePoint 2007, I felt a strong inclination to use PowerShell 2.0.
I envied a happy people who were already with SharePoint 2010 and could enjoy SharePoint 2010 Administration via SharePoint.ps1

PowerShell and SharePoint: What, Why and How
Simple concept: How to use SharePoint cmdlets in PowerShell ISE

I also wanted to have such beautiful commands that have been shipped by SharePoint.ps1 for SharePoint 2010:

So, my problem was that we don't have SharePoint.ps1 for SharePoint 2007.
To easy up my desire, I have created my functions:

And some additional:
Get-SitesWithMissingTemplate, Get-SSProvider, Get-SPVersionV3.

All above I have packed in one SPv3Adapter.mdl module.

Windows PowerShell Module Concepts

Module Installation Best Practices:

Do not install modules for Windows PowerShell in the system location at %Windir%\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\Modules. Only modules included with Windows are installed to the system location.

Module installation

And some additional PowerShell files:
Helper functions: Start-CustomTranscript, Get-CustomAPPLog,Get-SolutionDeployed

I have used a lot Get-SolutionDeployed during upgrade SP2007 to SP2010:

The module Helper.mdl has dependency on SPv3Adapter.mdl

Please install  SPv3Adapter.mdl  module first in order to enjoy Sp2007 helper functions.
One of the favorable option for me is to use manifest (you are welcome to use attached customModulesLoader.psm1 and  Manifest.mdl)  to ship the PS modules.

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