Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Simple concept: Manage services on server link is missing

I have logged into Central Administration as a farm account but I can't see the link "Manage services on server".
The request of the page _admin/Server.aspx gives an error "Access denied".
Where the link to "Manage services on server"?

First of all, I don't know the true nature of permission on the page _admin/Server.aspx. But I have discovered that my farm account can't get to it - Access denied.
In order to make it through:

I have added a farm account into Local Administrator group.(Btw, it goes against the Best Practices)

I have logged  as a farm account on the server  where Central Administration is running.



As I understand the _admin/Server.aspx, it shows you the services that are running on the server and you can manage them. And because these services are really running on this box, I would say it makes sense to restrict the use of page only to local administrators.
The question is arising, why would you login as a farm account to manage services on server? And again I can see the reason behind it. For example, for user profile synchronization I heard it's needed to login as a farm account to start the service.