Upgrade from SP2007 to SP2010

I have decided to start an online project where I can update online community with real world challenges that I am going to meet met during the Upgrade SharePoint 2007. The project starts July 1st and is supposed to end in December 2011. Actual end date was the beginning of May 2012.

It took 11 months to complete the project. The delay happened for several reasons:
 - we waited for new machines to build a new farm (as we adopted Hybrid approach of migration);
 - then we waited for testers to be available to  run their validation,
 - and we waited a little bit more to get developer resources to work on compatibility issues.
Since our SharePoint Applications were highly customized, we needed to address some code incompatibilities (one of them is BDC API). It took 2 months of fixes to get a compatible version of our wsp files.

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We started with a plan to run in-place upgrade, which is riskier but is considered faster.
Then we choose to settle down with Hybrid upgrade. It gave us low-risk, less-stressful upgrade.

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Ask the client about the visual upgrade. If they opt to it, make sure the client is aware of UI changes and will take care of the end-user training.
In our case, the end-users were taken by surprise. First couple weeks we have got a constant feedback that they  "miss" the features that they are used to have.

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Because we have BDC files, we need to take care of their upgrade. We could keep old format BDC, but we prefered to have them upgraded to make the support easier.

That's something you want to include in your estimates.

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Plan and test configuration of the service applications
Especially, User Profile Synchronization service. 

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Plan upgrade per env (worked well for me to go thru several environment before to upgrade Prod)
Plan upgrade actions
Keep the old prod for reference for some time.

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SP2010 was a good and rewarding experience for me. I remember more organizational challenges than technical.
I wish you the same. You may want to consider to browse SharePoint best practices to make sure that your upgrade will be smooth on the technical side.