Tuesday, May 5, 2015

I can't deny the truth any longer...#businessanalysis @CoggleIt

Last 10 years I have been working as a software developer/tech/team lead/PM. I have spent seems like an eternity working with different flavors of SharePoint. I liked that too.
So, it's time to move on....
and uncover my passion in BA! I looooove business analysis! 
During years working with SharePoint I was wondering what kept me fascinated by it and I know now - ability to use platform to deliver business value quickly:
Feature tree on coggle.it
  • I don't have to spend months to craft some basic and needed business processes for people who need solution, not technology per se;
  • I got to spend more time talking with people to understand their current challenges and co-create with them solution to solve and less time staring at the code.
Last year I walked away from SharePoint and started leading the custom development project.
I have successfully compensated absence of SharePoint in my life with BA activities on the project.

So year later, I am ready to shift focus in my blog - starting now, posts will be more on business analysis side and not so much or maybe not at all on development.

I am sorry SharePoint developers/administrators, I already lost bunch of you, and will lose even more.

Business analysts, I would love to connect with you and promise to share my BA experience, techniques and tools that make BA effective.

By the way, this first post featured my latest nugget in BA toolset - https://coggle.it/ - an extremely useful and free! tool that helps to do not only mind mapping, but feature tree too.

This tree was a huge success in my project to visualize:

  • scope of the project;
  • priorities using colors, 
  • as well as completion of the features.