Monday, May 19, 2014

@SPC_ORG by @susanhanley on User Adoption. Observe, Listen and Communicate

A keynote on 5/19/2014 #SharePointConference.ORG - User Adoption Susan is local to me - she lives in Bethesda, MD.

Notes from the keynote.
The factors of Successful User Adoption:

1. WIIFM - what's in it for me.
Make you heard your stakeholders

2. The SP solution should be tight to critical company goal

3. Adoptable solution solves the problem

4. Give people voice

SP2013 features engage users:
 - likes, ratings in RIGHT context;
 - search; Create a Tip web part with tips and feedback. (Sue thinks it's crucial)

5. Engaging content
 - well written content for the web;
 - relevant for user.

6. Keep it simple

7. Start small. 
Turn out solution in 90 days

8.Roll out in gradual manner

9.Engage leaders
"No involvement by leaders, no commitment by employees. No exceptions"

A great tip: " To reduce attachments in the emails, set a rule in the leader's mailbox to reject attachments and ask to provide a link to the document"

10. Look for "early adopters"

11. Train to make people comfortable
Plan a training roadmap - for comfort.
Effective training - training suits people needs. Use different formats for different people.
  • be persistent
  • get feedback whenever possible
  • Think about how to communicate THE LAUNCH

The ideas on launch videos:

don't call SharePoint portal - SharePoint portal

Another idea:
30 minutes for 30 things that you didn't know about SP
"Get Sharp on SharePoint" - webcast

13. OBSERVE the users

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