Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Simple Concept: How to delete Drop Off library in SharePoint Online?

[Question]: In SharePoint Online I have accidentally turned the feature "Content Organizer" on.
Then I have turned it off. But Drop Off library wasn't deleted. There is no "Delete this document library" in Drop Off library settings.
The various blogs suggest to set "AllowDeletion" property to  True. 
Since it's SharePoint online, I can't use Microsoft.SharePoint.dll
How can I remove Drop Off library in SharePoint Online?

[Answer]: To keep it short: you can't. Please let me know if were able to.
The only way to manipulate with SharePoint Online objects is through CSOM, the property "AllowDeletion" is not exposed  in Client.List

At this moment, what I do is to set Drop Off library Hidden.
I use Gary Lapointe module - Lapointe.SharePointOnline.PowerShell.msi to get Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.List and set Hidden=True

 Import-Module -Name Lapointe.SharePointOnline.PowerShell 
 Connect-SPOSite -Url $siteCollectionUrl -Credential $spOnlineCredentials
 $dropofflib= Get-SPOList -Web "/" -identity $fullUrlToDropOffLibrary

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