Friday, August 17, 2012

SharePoint UX: Styling and Branding . Do it right

Several weeks ago I have realized that I have been working with SharePoint last 3 years and it never occurred to me that I did nothing regarding User Experience and Design in SharePoint.

I have just accepted the things as they are in SharePoint... and I know for clients sometimes it really hurts to learn where to click to get some work done.

So, I have decided to improve life of business users who work with SharePoint via learning how to make SharePoint experience more user friendly. and I knew only one person who can help me with that Kyle Schaeffer

This week I have got an opportunity to be in his (Dulles, VA) class SharePoint Designer 2010 Styling and Branding Week. The class is 4 days long, I have decided to take the last part - Level II:

Day 3: Working with Layouts, Styling SharePoint Components (Blogs, Wikis, MySites,Discussion Boards)

Day 4: Enhancing the User Experience with JQuery and other Advanced Techniques

Overall, the class worked for me. I have been confirmed that there are people who can do design SharePoint 2010 in the way that doesn't brake SharePoint. And also it was reaffirming to know that there is an example of successful SharePoint integration company who knows what are the strengths and weaknesses of SharePoint and willing to work with it.

I am fully aware of reservations that clients might have when they hear the word "SharePoint". They heard it's hard to customize and hard to work with.

And I can see why these opinions exist. I believe if SharePoint isn't used right it will do more harm than good not only for clients, but for company who is trying to integrate it.

So, let's do it right! Let's educate ourselves when SharePoint is appropriate and when it's not. And if it's a appropriate for SharePoint, let's integrate it in the right way... and finally let's design the sites in the way it's comfortable to users to use.

 The topic - when SharePoint is appropriate is still an open topic for me... I hope to get more insights in this area. Your suggestions are warmly welcome.

How to integrate in the right way? - I have got some experience in this sphere:

And lastly, how to design SharePoint - this is what next several posts are all about:

SharePoint UX: Styling and Branding. Design strategy

SharePoint UX: Styling and Branding. Design implementation

Other good links to have (for SharePoint html work):

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